How many students enroll in the BA/DDS Program each year?
Approximately 10 students enter the program each year.

If I enter the program, what happens if I change my mind?
We encourage all undergraduates in the College to be introspective about their chosen courses of study and career goals. This is particularly important for students in the BA/DDS Program. Each BA/DDS student meets with the program director to discuss progress and continued dedication to the dental arts as a career. Students who begin to question their interest in dentistry should bring the concern to the director's attention.
Should a student decide not to continue with the program, he or she may formally withdraw by sending a letter to the program director stating so. The student then progresses toward the Bachelor's Degree without commitment to entering dental school.

What happens if my performance does not meet the College's expectations for the program?
Each semester, a committee consisting of faculty and administration from the College of Arts and Science and the College of Dentistry evaluates the students in the BA/DDS Program. Grades, progress toward honors in the major, participation in program events, and other scholarly issues are addressed. A letter is sent to each student that summarizes the committee's discussion and indicates a course of action. In cases where difficulty is identified, the student will be informed of the deficiencies and will later meet with the program director to discuss appropriate action. Actual dismissal from the program will only result after careful review by the program committee, the program director, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Science.

Will I be able to study abroad if I'm in the BA/DDS Program?
Due to the accelerated nature of the program students who wish to study abroad should consider doing so over the summer or by attending our overseas science program in London. In order to study abroad approval of the program director must be obtained.

Will I be able to have a double major or minor in other disciplines?
Due to the accelerated nature of the program, students are not able to minor or major in other disciplines.

Will I be able to engage in research as an undergraduate?
If the student wishes to engage in research the director of the program will work with the College of Dentistry and members of the College of Arts and Science faculty to arrange a project.